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Royal Thunder: CVI

Royal Thunder: CVI

At first listen I was not impressed. At their best they seemd an average female fronted rock band and at their worst your local amateur average female fronted rock band at that sports canteen that doubles as AA meeting place and Friday night pub with live music. You would spy the singer the next day shopping for diapers and groceries. But that first listen did leave something for I kept going back. Probably Mlny Parson's vocals that lured me to delve deeper and so I did and I am glad I did.

After a couple of spins while riding my bike through the waste land (small road cutting through meadows bordered by a train track and two highways) on my way to work I got hooked to the psychedelic bluesy guitar at the beginning of 'Shake and Shift'. A song that starts slow and menacing and builds up to a rocking riff that gets you pedalling like Lance Armstrong on a fresh dose of whatever fabricated path of glory he dared to shoot into his system.

Parson's delivery here is my personal favourit. Switching from almost poppy reminescent of Siouxie or Heart to her very own rough edged heartfelt wail that cuts through the low tuned sludgy riffing.  

They clearly hail from the South and that's nothing to be ashamed of. 

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