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The Call

The Call

IMDB classifies The Call as an average action flick. Giving it a 6.6. I was expecting one of those that starts off good but has you rolling your eyes and huffing in protest near the end as one plothole trips over another in a desperate attempt to tie up all the loose ends.I was pleasantly surpised. The Call is an above par fast paced action thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat and biting your nails. 

I am not a particular fan of Halle Berry. I have nothing against her - she actually seems genuinely sympathetic and I would love to take her out for a drink -  but there's something about the ease with which she makes her eyes water that I always find her playing a part rather than being it. Maybe that's unfair, maybe I just can't forgive her for Catwoman. She did good here, only a little overemotional but that kind of fitted her character. Kind of.  

Like I said the story is fast paced. Every time I expected it to slow down into the unavoidable drag that marks the moment you can go and make tea or doze off, it threw a curve ball which whipped it in another direction. And, more importantly, only one cringeworthy 'I love you mom'-scene interrupts the flow of things. But it's short enough to not make any impact.

So to sum it up: the only really bad thing about it is Halle's hairdo. Apart from that monstrosity It's fun, exciting and just really good entertainment with a nasty twist. 

7.3 / 10

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